Gedling Climate Change Group

Gedling Climate Change Group


Our Ethos: Inform, Explain, Campaign

We are a group of people from all walks of life with one thing in common, we want to make a change! We organise events, share resources and meet regularly to inform, explain and campaign about climate change.

We know the biggest challenge facing the world today is that of the potentially irreversible and devastating effects of climate change. We believe that communities like Gedling should stake a place in the forefront of change and lead by example. 

Inform: We need to keep reminding people that climate change is happening and it is the result of human activity. We need to inform people that it will not just change the weather, it will change how we eat, drink and live.

Explain: We must explain that if the cause of the problem is human activity, then human activity is also the solution. We must recognise that we can do things differently, we cannot continue to use fossil fuels without thinking of the impacts or promote pollution that saves a few pence but costs us the earth.

Campaign: We promote our plans through positive campaigns, working with partner organisations as well as like minded groups and individuals. We actively seek out those who can help us take the message forward. We aim to promote simple and practical ideas that will make a difference to people’s thinking as well as their life styles. 

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