Keyworth Abundance

Keyworth Abundance


We are a group of volunteers who run the Abundance project in Keyworth. We pick surplus fruit from local trees, and give it away, along with surplus vegetables, herbs, flowers and plants.

We have a base at the ExChanging Rooms in Keyworth, which we also open on Saturdays from 10am until 12noon each week. From there, we run a recycling scheme for hard to recycle things like bottle tops, foil, pill blister packs, pump bottle tops and metal bottle and can lids. We also do cooking sessions, skill sharing workshops, plant sales and art and craft sessions from there, all with an eco ethos.

We run the Garage Sale Safari as well, and the local Repair Cafe.

Volunteers are very welcome. We always need people to help when we open on a Saturday, and especially when we pick fruit which happens in the late Summer and Autumn and keeps us very busy at that time. We are also always keen to hear from people who have skills they’d like to share in up-cycling, crafting and cooking and anything else eco you can think of!

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