Rushcliffe Nature Conservation Strategy Implementation Group

Rushcliffe Nature Conservation Strategy Implementation Group


The Rushcliffe Nature Conservation Strategy Group was set up in 2003 to implement the Rushcliffe Nature Conservation Strategy and consists of a range of organisations and groups with an interest in Rushcliffe’s wildlife.

Member organisations of the implementation group include:

  • Rushcliffe Borough Council
  • Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust (NWT)
  • Nottinghamshire County Council
  • Nottinghamshire Biodiversity Action Group
  • And various local wildlife groups, interest groups and parish councils.

Nature conservation in Rushcliffe is provided by broadly based community activity, with a range of Friends Groups, work parties and other groups and individuals, as well as more “official” organisations contributing. A key role for RNCSIG is to bring together the organisations and community based activities to provide both an overview of Rushcliffe conservation activities, but also to seek ways and means to further extend conservation activity in a strategic fashion. The strategic aim is to protect and enhance Rushcliffe’s wildlife resources, thereby contributing towards local and national biodiversity action plan targets.

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