Second Hand September 2023

Second Hand September 2023

Take part in Oxfam’s Second Hand September and shop second hand to reduce waste, take a stance against climate change, and help create a fairer world – all while looking fabulous.

Second Hand September is a campaign that promotes donating, reusing, rewearing and restyling your clothes during September – and beyond!

Explore slow fashion, sustainable fashion and ethical fashion, shop and donate second hand and help create a fairer world.

Since 2019, Second Hand September has inspired thousands of people to shop in a way that is kinder to people and planet.

Climate change is impossible to ignore – and it’s pushing people deeper into poverty. So, it’s more important than ever to act now, to prevent this global crisis from becoming a global catastrophe.

When a new pair of jeans is made, an estimated 16.2kg of CO2 is emitted – the equivalent of driving over 58 miles in a car.

So, by recirculating our clothes – buying, wearing and donating second hand – we can help to reduce the demand for new clothes. And this could in turn help to reduce the damage to our planet.

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