Big Solar Coop

UK wide

The Big Solar Co-op is an exciting new approach to subsidy-free community solar


UK wide

Energy4All supports a family of 30 independent renewable-energy co-operatives

Green Meadows

The Meadows

We’re building a community that can tackle the climate crisis together, starting with The Meadows.

Nottingham Energy Partnership

The Meadows

We deliver domestic & commercial projects that tackle fuel poverty and cut carbon emissions in Nottingham & Notts.

Power for people

UK wide

UK energy policy is blocking the growth of renewables – we are campaigning for solutions.

Schools Energy Cooperative

UK wide

The Schools’ Energy Co-operative installs community funded solar panel systems on schools free of charge as well as paying all its profits to its member schools.

Sustainable Hockerton


The aim of Sustainable Hockerton is to make Hockerton a more sustainable village