Boycott Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Boycott Black Friday & Cyber Monday

This time of year can be a frenzy for buying apparently cut price goods, often electronics and clothes. However this consumerism has its downsides with many of the corporations involved dodging tax while putting smaller companies out of business, the majority of the goods quickly ending up in landfill and dishonesty around prices that mean we’re perhaps not getting the bargains we think we are.

Dishonest Pricing

It’s easy to get suckered in with signs saying 60% off! etc but this isn’t always what it seems. It might be last year’s model that isn’t sold at RRP any more, or goods that never actually sell for their RRP (mattresses, sofas etc). Being hustled into buying fake bargains is dishonest and not actually worth it.

Fast Fashion & Junk Tech

While things may or may not be cheaper on Black Friday, we can take a step back and think about whether we actually need those goods. Fashionable clothes that go to landfill after three months, a phone upgrade we don’t need or buying low quality off brand tech are all contributing to environmental destruction.

Tax dodging & destroying independent business

Corporations like Amazon are dodging their fair share of tax, abusing their staff and aim to stamp out small businesses. Supporting your local shops and creators keeps money local and support communities instead of off-shoring profits to investors and causing misery for the wage slaves that deliver your products. Billions of pounds are spent on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and we can help divert this back to families and businesses in our communities. It’s up to us where we spend our money.


We can shop in our local communities, buy refurbished or long term supported technology like Fairphones, buy online from non-Amazon retailers like Holly & Co and support charity shops or apps like Olio.

There’s also the fact that we don’t have to buy things just because marketing people have decided we should spend at this time of year.


Despite huge marketing budgets promoting this consumerist season, we don’t have to support these tax dodging, staff abusing and environment destroying companies. Supporting independent online retailers, local business and crafts keeps money local and helps stem the tide of short term junk going to landfill.


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