Take on the Going Car Free Challenge 2024

Calling drivers across the UK, are you ready for a challenge? Summer’s here and the time is right for the Going Car Free Challenge – a month of climate-friendly travel.

What are repair cafes, and what are some of their benefits?

“Repair cafes” are community spaces that offer a sustainable solution to the throwaway culture prevalent in modern society.

Case study: Reusing hundreds of items to reduce landfill in Nottingham

This month we have a guest blog from local Critical Mass organiser, cycling campaigner and part of Travel Well, Samuel Shoesmith has saved hundreds of items from going to landfill by using the free OLIO app.

Boycott Black Friday & Cyber Monday

This time of year can be a frenzy for buying apparently cut price goods, often electronics and clothes. However this consumerism has its downsides with many of the corporations involved dodging tax while putting smaller companies out of business, the majority of the goods quickly ending up in landfill and dishonesty around prices that mean we’re perhaps not getting the bargains we think we are.

Second Hand September 2023

Take part in Oxfam’s Second Hand September and shop second hand to reduce waste, take a stance against climate change, and help create a fairer world – all while looking fabulous.