Canopy 2050

Canopy 2050

Canopy 2050 is a local community project. We aim to help our local government meet targets to increase the urban tree canopy to 30% by 2050.

It started in Spring 2020 with acorns. We now have thousands of saplings growing in hundreds of gardens and allotments all over Broxtowe and beyond. They will be planted by their guardians in areas designated by the council; parks, schools, nature reserves and road verges. Guardians nurture their saplings from seed to sapling and hopefully see them grow to mature trees in their local area.

We collected seeds of 16 more varieties and now need more guardians. All you need is a 1m sq area of your garden or allotment, some pots, some earth and water.

Can you help us?

Please contact Helene; or call 07542851210.

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