We are a Community Farm in rural Nottinghamshire aimed at reconnecting people to the land and environment.


We farm around 45 acres of land in an agroforestry system. We have arable crops which we farm to organic principles, fruit and nut trees, a tree nursery, a herd of shropshire sheep and long horn cattle.


Our conservation work has seen us replant hedges and wildlife corridors, form a cluster group of other local farms, build a wetland area, plant a Miyawaki forest and conduct a biodiversity count monthly.

Educational Visits

We run experience days and workshops for schools and other young groups including nature trail walks with our rangers, tractor and trailer rides, getting hands on with animals, forest school, nature-based arts and crafts and apple juicing.

Clubs & Groups

We have a Men in Sheds group, a club that makes cider and apple juice as well as Nature Club who conduct bird and biodiversity counts. All of the groups are designed to be a fun way to enjoy the farm and many people are part of a couple or volunteer as well.

Green Prescribing & Wellbeing

Our green prescribing programme and other wellbeing sessions use the different experiences we have on the farm to help people by developing a more connected relationship with nature.


Our regular volunteers get in involved in everything; from the day to day running of the farm, looking after the trees and pressing apples, as well our projects such as hedge planting and creation of the wetland area. We always love new people to join our group.

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