Greener Practice

Greener Practice

UK wide

The East Midlands Greener Practice group was set up in late 2021. Our aim is to support each other in working towards more sustainable practice, sharing ideas and resources in primary care.

We meet virtually every 6-8 weeks and have an optional WhatsApp group. No prior knowledge or experience is needed, just an interest in environmentally friendly working and improving patient care. All primary care staff are welcome, clinical or non-clinical, working or retired, and we encourage students to join us too.

Greener practice can improve health now, mitigate the climate crisis and reduce health inequalities. It can also improve workload and reduce costs through improved population health and reduced prescribing.

Our asthma toolkit

We have created a high quality low carbon asthma care toolkit. You can find information to get started on improving patient care whilst reducing carbon emissions.

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